Life’s New Adventures

Holiday season is here, and after my seventh day in a row of work and my sudden developing of a head cold, I finally have a few minutes to relax and make a new post.

Fall is in full swing at Free People and we’ve been working like crazy people to prep for all the awesome stuff we’re getting in. From sending out online purchases and transferring out product to wholesale, to redesigning the whole floor layout and unpacking the 20 some boxes of shipment coming in twice a week, life feels like a blur…but I wouldn’t have it any other way. šŸ™‚ I also just got promoted to be a Manager in Training!! I’m so thrilled to join the management team and help guide our store down the path to a successful holiday season!!

The current trends for us are Grunge and Folk Tale and our store looks amazing! We’ve got tons of beautiful lace slips coming in, awesome knit ponchos, TONS of plaid, and beautiful leather hooded bomber jackets.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

My all time favorite slip that we have is the French Courtship Slip which I styled for a shoot a few months ago (pic below). We now have it in a beautiful teal which I am so excited to own as well as pewter and it looks amazing under our shaggy knit sweaters that we have in tons of different colors for the holiday season šŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 8.02.10 PM

OH, and I can’t forget to mention our insanely beautiful Golden Quills Military Parka that I’m OBSESSED with and hope to someday own in black.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 8.01.50 PMTo wrap up this post, I thought I would mention the big event we’re having at Montgomery Mall this Saturday from 1 to 4pm! A blogger named Tammy, who was featured in Lucky Magazine as one of their most stylish bloggers, is coming by to style customers and take pictures of them to post on her blog! I will also be shooting pics during the event to feature customers on our Instagram accountĀ @FreePeopleBethesda!! I will also be helping customers with the uploading of these pics to their FP Me accounts which is like Instagram devoted to Free People style photographs! We will be having free refreshments and candy AND we will be having a raffle for a Free People gift card! If you’re in the area or looking for something to do this weekend, please stop by!! We would love to dress you up! šŸ™‚


Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 8.15.56 PM


Greetings, Autumn

With the weather getting cooler, the leaves changing colors, and that campfire smell lingering in the air, there is no doubt that Autumn is on its way. Say hello to comfy sweaters, fuzzy socks, pumpkin flavored Starbucks, hot apple cider, and all the best holidays. As much as I hated leaving California, I am happy to be back at work at my favorite place! At Free People we are all welcoming fall with open arms. Not only do we have new merchandise, but we haveĀ gorgeous fall displays! Each store has its own unique layout as well; adding even more fun to this quickly approaching “holiday season.” Although my home store is in Bethesda, I often work shifts at the Tysons Corner store as well. Since I helped with fall display installations at both stores about a month ago, so much more beautiful detailing and extras have been added to both the inside and the outside of the store! My favorite additions were the new yarn outline sign on the inside and the decorations that had been added on to and around the bike on the outside. They were to die for.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


I also have a complete obsession with all the new goodies that have been arriving. It is so hard to keep myself from buying almost every new item we get in! I did allow myself to buy a few things though, of course. My newest additions to my fall wardrobe recently have been my favorite Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip in crimson, the Antalya Coin Collar, and one of many amazing beanies we currently have in stock – the Capsule Slouch Beanie (in black as usual).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam


Finally, topping off my excitement for fall was the harvest moon that was in the sky tonight. Driving home from work it looked absolutely unreal! It’s bright white glow contrasted with the beautiful sky and sun kissed clouds at sunset. It was awesome but eerie – definitely a sign that fall is here and Halloween is approaching!!

securedownload (7)

So long summer, hello Autumn!


Last Day by the Bay

As my two week trip to San Francisco is quickly coming to an end, I jam packed my last few days with various activities; making sure not to waste these last few precious west coast days. Since I’m a total shopaholic, I thought I would take one last trip to the mall in Corte Madera to pick up some new threads to sport when I go back east. While I was there, I decided to also pick up a fresh new outfit for my nephew who will be turning 6 tomorrow! It feels like just yesterday I was in middle school and I was welcoming my nephew Hayden in to the world with excitement. Time really does go way too fast and with the awareness that my nephew will be 6 years old already came the realization that I’m half way through my last year as a teenager…WHAT?!

For those of you who have never been to Corte Madera Mall, it is an outdoor shopping center full of awesome high end stores; both geared towards kids and teens/adults. For Hayden’s birthday outfit, I stopped into Peek and bought him theĀ Miguel Serape Stripe HoodieĀ and theĀ Layering ThermalĀ in the “Natural” color. Since I practically broke the bank buying those two pieces, I took a trip over to H&M and bought him an awesome pair of jeans to complete the outfit at a much more affordable price.


As for my outfit, I decided to check out some other stores that aren’t available back in the DC area. When I saw that they had a Brandy Melville store, I just about died and immediately went in looking for some cute new fall basics/essentials. In the pic below, I styled the awesomeĀ Susannah PantsĀ and theĀ Farrah TopĀ in black that I picked up at Brandy Melville with my favorite new Free PeopleĀ Sparrow Chelsea Boots.


As hard as it was, I had to stop shopping and experience some other trademarks of the NorCal Bay Area; and what better place to go than In N Out Burger? Since I only get to enjoy a good In N Out meal a couple of times a year, I went all out and got a full meal.

You’re not truly living if you don’t get your burger “Animal Style.” It’s the perfect amount of onions and a special sauce that you won’t regret getting on your patty.Ā This meal is $5 of happiness and carbs that anyone venturing on a trip out west MUST get to complete their experience of the relaxed Cali lifestyle.

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After this awesome meal, I took a quick nap and then it was off into the Terra Linda Hills to enjoy one last hike before I head back to DC where the humidity and spastic weather force me to work out indoors.


As much as I dread leaving, I am super excited to fly back to the DMV and see all my awesome co workers at Free People again and throw myself back into the other things I love. This semester off is getting off to a fantastic start.


City by the Bay: Adventures in Frisco

Yesterday I went into one of my favorite places ever – San Francisco. From the beautiful water and eerie fog, to the array of thrift shops, restaurants, and amazing street art, this city by the bay is a site that is totally worth seeing. Although I often go into San Fran without a game plan, I did a photo shoot with my cousin and his fiancĆ© to help them put together some engagement photos. A photo shoot combined with site seeing – what more could a complete photo nerd want?

securedownload (6)securedownload (2)

The first place we stopped at was The Ferry Building. We started outside in front of the clock tower, then ventured into the market place, and ended on the dock with a beautiful view of the crisp water reflecting the sunshine on an usually hot San Francisco day. (80 degrees!!)


IMG_6062 IMG_6107IMG_6159IMG_6190IMG_6253

Around mid day, we did a quick outfit change and headed over to City Hall. Although I frequent San Fran, I had never been there and words cannot describe how beautiful it was. The architecture and artistry of the inside was incredible, and the lighting was perfect for photos; both inside and outside the building.

IMG_6370 IMG_6395 IMG_6417 IMG_6458IMG_6490

Finally, after a final outfit change, we headed up into the beautiful, luxurious neighborhoods of the Frisco Bay and took a few snapshots capturing the city, the water, and the fog in the background.

IMG_6545 IMG_6598 IMG_6623

This experience was so worth it. I went into it nervous, having never done engagement pictures before, to being excited and ready to both do engagement pictures in the future and go back into the city and capture more of its beauty.

San Francisco, I love you.


Lazy Sunday: Inspired by FP’s “Off the Beaten Path”

Since I am on vacation in California, I thought I would take some inspiration from the Free People blog since I practically live and breath Free People in my everyday life as a FP Stylist. Since I am bunking in the Northern Cali Bay Area, I decided to take a trip over the Stinson Beach! The weather report predicted a sunny high of 84 degrees, but since I frequent this wonderful city by the Bay, I went prepared with lots of Free People layers just in case some fog decided to come out during this adventure.

The first place we stopped on the way there was just off the road to Stinson at the Muir Beach overlook. It was fog ridden and absolutely amazing. At a chilly 64 degrees, I wandered around and took a few snapshots of the amazing sight that was in front of me. The only small view of the beach below that could be seen was a tiny hole poking through the fog.

securedownload (2)securedownload (1)IMG_5872

Throughout this trip,I was perfectly prepared for both sunny and foggy weather. As pictured below, I wore the Meadows of Medallion Slip, the Seamless Mini underneath for some extra warmth and coverage, and my favorite Knit Hooded Denim Jacket.


Although I could have spent hours at this amazing over look, it was time to mosey on over Stinson Beach.

Driving through the town, I recognized the Bed and Breakfast that was featured on the FP Blog a few weeks ago! It was even cooler in person. From the adorable hand made “vacancy” sign, to the whales and other nautical themed items on the front gate, it was definitely an awesome site to see. I can only imagine how quaint it was on the inside.

securedownload (3)securedownload (4)

Finally, to wrap up my day trip, we stopped at another beach farther down the coast called Heart’s Desire Beach. By the time we drove down about fifteen minutes of windy roads, the fog had cleared and I found myself on a beautiful, small little beach mixed with both sunshine and cute happy families enjoy a lazy Sunday by the shore. As much fun as it was, I was happy to pack myself up, drive back, and throw on some sweats just in time for a Harry Potter marathon.Ā securedownload

Throwback Thursday!

Since I am in charge of doing Free People Bethesda’s Instagram account, I often do photo shoots both inside and outside of the store. About a month ago, we were just entering our Free People trend of Romanian Gypsy. When you hear this trend, think lace, maxis, ethereal looks, and jewel toned items in summer silhouettes to transition slowly from summer to fall. During this shoot, I sported two different looks which are featured below. Although this trend was featured a while back, it is quite relevant still today since Labor Day has just passed and we are heading in to slightly cooler days.

In this first look, I am wearing a cool, summer-like outfit in a darker, fall jewel tone. This highlights the transition from summer to fall that I was talking about earlier. This outfit consists of the We the Free CIrcle in the Sand Tee, the Ruffled Up Cami, the FP One Ribbon Corset Maxi, and finally the Floral Chain Mail Fringe Necklace.

In this second photograph below, I took the words “Romanian Gypsy” more seriously and decided to showcase one of our favorite items in a way that can be worn through the Fall. In this photograph, I am wearing the classic French Courtship SlipĀ in Berry (keeping those fall jewel tones in mind!), and the FP One Falling Flowers JacketĀ to add a light, end of summer kind of layer to a beautiful summery maxi dress.

securedownload copy

This shoot was SO much fun, and I can’t wait to do more once we get tons of amazing fall items in!


*Hello Blogging World*

I’m so excited to finally become a member of the blogging community. From here on out, my page will consist of outfit posts, my own photography, and miscellaneous things that inspire me.

To get things started, I thought I would do my first Outfit of the Day post! Labor Day has already come and gone and Fall is fast approaching. To prepare myself for the slow transition into colder weather, I stopped in to a local Free People to pick up some new threads. While there, I picked up a Cheeky Lace Bra in white, the new Mixed Chain Drop Collar in “black amulet filagree,” an essential LA Nite Tank (which only costs $20!), and the FP One Patchwork Plaid Maxi! I paired it with my Free People Sparrow Chelsea Boots in black (not pictured) to pull the look together!

…so long summer, hello autumn.

Fall inspired